Friday, September 08, 2006

Family FYI: Narrogin

Heyas, we went for an overnight in Narrogin the other weekend and visited Terri at her school. We stayed at this dusty, old school, small town hotel, bathrooms down the hall, and a random cat kind of place. The cafe down the street has a Lonely Planet quote in the window, something about their "decent cup of cappucino". Rave reviews eh. Someone remind me to check if the bakery is on Lonely Planet too 'cause it opens earlier! Good for tiding over til caffeine is available. Anyway Tez's last day at the Ag College was yesterday, so guess these are for the archives... !

So this is Taj. He is a retired racehorse they picked up for 500 AUD. Which is less, in CDN. Guess it took her a year to get him settled down, and she had to get another little horse in the meantime, who has been returned to her original owners now that Taj is behaving. He's moving probably moving to Perth soon. The search is on for a place for him to live.


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