Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sydney: Day 2 - Royal National Park

It was Monday. Nicole had to go back to work. Dave and I headed back down to Royal National Park with big plans. We stopped at the info centre for a map and a snack. Cockatiels hang around snack bars here, I guess, instead of squirrels or seagulls!

So ya, big plans. We would start from Wattamolla and head south to Curracurrang and back before lunch. Then up to Marley and back after.

That was before we really appreciated how meaningless the word "trail" can be, and how much worse you can make it by intentionally going rock climbing out to the breakers and trying to ad lib it back again through the bush. Remind me to get my hands on a GPS! At least the rocks were cool:

Another nice view of the Tasman...

See the bay there, in the shot below? And all that scrubby bush above the rocks on the far side? The stuff that looks all flat but is actually dense eye-level spiny shrubs? So, yea, we know that part of the world pretty well now :S lol!

We made it back to the van, had some lunch, bailed on Marley, and headed home to meet Nicole and get some dinner. Whew!


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