Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sydney: Day 3 - The Harbour

Tuesday we had a day in town. Picked up a fat snapper and some prawns at the market in the morning, then caught a train to the centre of town. Had to go to the Lindt store, heard there are only something like three of them in the world. How many flavours of those truffles *are* there!? I lost count. Raspberry is AWESOME. Hold me back. Place was FULL of women hehehe. Then we went down for a tour of the harbour.

First attempt at a picture:

The sixth attempt (apparently this game isn't so fun any more hehe):
Yer standard Opera House and Harbour Bridge shots:

You can get tickets to walk the top of the bridge. There is actually a tour group coming down the bridge in this shot, bit small to see here hehe.

Local cross between the Ex and the Amphitheatre - pretty cool bands lined up!


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