Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sydney: Day 4 - Palm Beach / The Basin

Wednesday we headed north up the coast, to Palm Beach Peninsula. Okay this map is pretty useless at this size but Sydney Harbour is where the inlet is at the bottom of the map, and we just drove straight up into that white peninsula.

We bought a ticket for the ferry to The Basin (where I put the red dot)

and hung out on the beach until it was time to board. More Tasman Sea :)

The docks at the Basin

This place was FULL of wallabies. Good call Dave!!! First marsupials I have seen ... not counting a dead roo :( en route to Narrogin :S

Hard to see this small, but there is a little joey face peeking out of mama's pouch!

Did a little pissing off of the local wildlife, Irwin-style. These birds are ground nesters and they get pretty agro if you walk toward them - I don't even know where the nest was. This is a screen shot from a video, right before it rushed me. Apparently they can do some pretty good damage with hard knuckles on the front edge of their wings. It missed me!

The Basin is a nice little tidal lagoon. It's a hangout for little stingrays - Dave looked but didn't find any that day. We could see prints on the bottom, where they'd hidden in the sand though.

All in all a relaxing day, watching the critters, eating, hangin out in the sun, yakkin. We caught the ferry back to the Palm Beach peninsula when the sun went behind the hill, and headed south to the city again.


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