Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sydney: Day 5 - Blue Mountains

The weather wasn't supposed to be that good on Thursday but we headed west anyway, and the rain held off most of the time. We went to:

to see the Three Sisters. You can climb down if you like, and we went part way. There're some pretty hefty warnings along the lines of abandoning all hope at the top of these stairs :)

We didn't go much further down than this, the photo does not do justice to the freakyness of this set of steps!

The Three Sisters: (that little notch in the left side of the left-most sis is where I took the pic of Dave and the stairs from)

Dave checkin out the landscape. Vast!!!! Pictures can not convey it - sorry!

We had a little drama with the VW conkin out on a steep hill on the way home, but Dave sorted it out pretty quick :) Another great day!


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