Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sydney: Day 6 - Bondi and barbecue

Friday was a second day around town, but not so sightsee-y. During the day we went down to Bondi to meet up with Ramsey and Amanda and the munchkins.

Age this one's for you, I said "everyone wave hi to AJ!"

It is SO COOL to "recognize" Bondi now, when you see it on TV or something!! This guy's riding a nice wave:

Dave and Ramsey were considering surfing but it was cold as, down there!

The diehards were still in there though!

So anyway, we headed off to R&A's for a barbecue instead :D so nice! So weird yakkin about high school dayz after all this time. We had thought of going out to see a band that night, in Newtown, but the place we thought of ended up having a sold out show. Ah well it was a great visit! Ugh, tomorrow it would be time to leave :( A second visit to Sydney started getting into the conversation around this time!!!!


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