Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This post's for u Mom!
The campus is about 10 years old so all the buildings sorta match and look like this:

Heading up to the central courtyard...

A little closer...

And from the breezeway, I must be coming in from a biology lecture - the Indigenous studies stuff is out the other side...

I have a couple more pics but they can be for another day... still on the camera... :)
* * *

Oh here are some more that were elsewhere in the PC... this one is bio lab, first day, before we went in. The ones still on the camera are lots more creepy!!!

Some funky plants around campus:

Kangaroo Paw (budding)

and in flower:


Funky Proteaceae:

I have no idea... needed to practise using the close-up focus on the digital...

so ya you know those funky elven forest type trees in LOTR. well it turns out they're just regular trees...
Eucalyptus (i haven't figured out which kind):


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